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There is nothing more frightening for new parents than to hear the words, “Your baby needs to be admitted to the NICU.” Immediately they are thrown into a world of loud noises from the monitors and hospital machines. The doctors and nurses use terms that sound much like a foreign language and all parents really want to know is if their baby is okay and if he or she will be able to go home soon. This reality has
been captured perfectly by Bethany through her beautiful drawings and stories of
those who have lived and overcome the NICU nightmare. Each story highlights that experience through the eyes of parents and other family members. There is so much hope found in the pages of this book, you cannot help but be touched by these precious infants as they fight for their lives in NICUs all around the world.

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“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
– A.A. Milne, author of Winnie-the-Pooh

“It was so stressful to go into the NICU and hope things were getting better, receive good news, only to go home and find out my baby had taken a turn for the worse. Leaving to go home without them was the hardest part of it all,“ one mother recalls. Unfortunately, her experience is not uncommon. With motherhood comes its own set of challenges. Add the NICU to the mix and it’s a whole new journey, a journey that leaves many feeling overwhelmed, alone and scared. For mothers and families of premature infants, the road is a long, exhausting rollercoaster ride full of fears, setbacks and tears, though it’s not without strength, new determination and exciting milestones.

In these 90+ stories of NICU experiences from around the world, you’ll see that you are not alone. You’ll learn, you’ll grow and be inspired by these precious infants that never stopped fighting for life. It is these special newborns that give us hope to persevere, grow our faith and push us to look deep within ourselves for the strength to press on.

Precious Infants: Courageous Stories of Premature Birth will have you rooting for these infants and their families, who through hardships, loss and perseverance, have learned the greatest lesson of all: that every life is precious and there is no limit to the miracles that happen every day. 
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